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The Success Gameplan

... presents The Goal Cultivator Community*

What is it?

         The Goal Cultivator Community is a discussion group that helps its members:
  • identify their most important goals
  • make those goals an active part of their lives
  • achieve goals as a way of enriching life
  • enjoy the company of dynamic people thinking creatively about a positive future
         Existing Communities include:
  • groups of entrepreneurs
  • company teams
  • not-for-profit groups
  • homemakers
  • long-time friends
  • local communities
  • church groups
  • families

"The Goal Cultivator has motivated our whole organization to shoot for higher goals with no fear of failing....realizing our by-products lead us to higher mountains we never knew existed.

"The Goal Cultivator workshops are inspiring, insightful and challenging to the heart of success. They bring true meaning to the 'what if' dream."

Marte Formico
District Manager
Farmers Insurance program
San Jose, CA
...the Number 1
Farmers District
Manager in California
for 2003

"The Goal Cultivator group has kept me accountable for discovering my personal talents and passion at work. It is also helped me see the 'big picture' for my life. Thanks for being a great mentor for me and my peers."

Peter Young
Division Marketing Manager
Farmers Insurance Group
Bay Division
...the Number 1
Farmers Division
in California
in 2003

"Ultimately, everyone wants balance in their life while at the same time "having it all." One would think that to be a difficult task. I have found that the Goal Cultivator program has taken me a long way in that direction.

"My first year in the program has allowed me to substantially raise my goals. By implementing our action plans, I hope to double my income in the next three years and have more time to spend with family and friends. Richard's leadership is greatly appreciated."

Vic LeLaurin
District Manager
Farmers Insurance Group
Pleasanton, CA
...the Number 2
Farmers District Manager
in California
for 2003

"Thanks for another great session! I really appreciate your working with our group. Your effort and the Goal Cultivator sessions have helped us establish and stick to our goals. The Strategic by-products have definitely been very worthwhile."

Charles R. Dabelogott
Market Manager
Farmers Insurance Group
Southern California

"Thank you very much for your help and support with The Goal Cultivator group. It has created an opportunity for personal growth for me that I truly appreciate. 'When the student is ready, the teacher will appear' has been true for me on many occasions. Thanks."

Barbara Natalia
District Manager
Farmers Insurance Group
Bakersfield, Ca

"I have been associated with the Farmers California District Managers Goal Cultivator Community for the past 2 years. The network of friends and colleagues I have developed is priceless. I draw my strength from my Goal Cultivator Community when times get tough.

"Our community of professional district managers is rich with experience, and the group is always willing to listen and share ideas. I could not fathom the idea of not belonging to this Goal Cultivator Community and having the guidance of Richard Geno, who is a master at coaching us through this awesome well-laid-out program."

Frank Bruno
District Manager
Novato, California

"I used to think setting goals meant finding ways to hit company standards. I have found that the Goal Cultivator Community provides a perfect environment for motivated people to associate with those of like minds. Sharing the process of continuous personal development in all aspects of life, rather than just setting goals, is extremely liberating. As a result of this program I have learned a lot about myself, achieved things in months that I thought would take years to accomplish, and improved in all the areas that I have chosen. Along the way, I have made many great friendships on a business and personal level."

Tori Pitruzzello
District Manager
Temecula, California

"We have been meeting for over two years. It has been rewarding to see the group grow. I started with the group expecting it to be focused on my business life. It has turned out to be much more about my personal life. Richard is a great leader, I look forward to the meeting every quarter."

Ted Blalock
District Manager,
Stockton, California

"The Goal Cultivator has changed my life. When I began the journey in the Goal Cultivator Community I was unfocused in my business and had no personal goals. Today, I live at peace with a balanced and ever increasing productive life."

Sheldon Chaffer
District Manager
Palm Springs California

The Top 10 By-products that have been gained from The Goal Cultivator Community are:


"People have become more rounded."
"More balance in life."
"We have created higher expectations for ourselves and our agents."
"We have set higher goals."
"We have experienced a broadening of goal-setting."
"We have our systems into place."
"We have more free time."
"We have developed more friendships."
"We have a better lifestyle."
"We have become community leaders."

Conducted by Richard E. Geno, The Socratic Coach®
1042 West Hedding Street, Suite 288, San Jose, CA 95126
Tel: (408)551-2288 Fax: (408) 248-1622

*Coal Cultivator™ and Goal Cultivator Community™ are trademarks of The Strategic Coach, Inc.
Used with Permission

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