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Richard E. Geno delivers The Balanced Life Program™ in a variety of formats; he will travel to your meeting and do break-out sessions in either a full day or half day format.

Here is what they're saying about Richard E. Geno, the Socratic Coach seminar leader and speaker:

"In all the years I have been attending association meetings, by far Richard Geno was most able to capture my attention with his professional style. He definitely has a powerful message for all of us to take heed to with his magical demonstration of how you can get your life in order, and have time to accomplish just about all of your worldly desires."

— Frederick L. Granados, LUTCF
NAIFA - Mt. Diablo, CA

"I very much enjoyed your presentation. It was filled with good concepts, and delivered in a most motivational manner."

Buddy Zais
Burlington, Vermont

"Richard was fantastic. He had a wonderful message, and he was motivational and inspirational."

— David and Elsie Krinitsky
Marin County, California

"I very much enjoyed your presentation. It came from such a humane level...sharing your personal experiences. You have credibility not only as a 38-year MDRT member, but also having experienced life's ups and downs. I have particularly reflected on the "Out-of-Balance Trap" and the "Five Rules for Having It All."

— Mike Mutch
Agency Field Executive
State Farm Insurance Company

"I wanted to thank you personally and on behalf of NAIFA-Shasta for your support of our association. Your participation as a speaker at our Great North Valley Sales Congress on November 7 was greatly appreciated. Your talk was not only motivational but very informative and was definitely a highlight of the program."

J. Wade Williams, LUTCF
NAIFA - Shasta

"Absolutely outstanding speaker. Don't miss him!"

— Gary A. Bramon, CLU, ChFC
Alders Financial Solutions

"Thank you for speaking at our annual financial services forum in Seattle, Washington. Your Balanced Life Workshop really added a wonderful opportunity for our 180 attendees.

James E. Mitchell
NAIFA - Washington

"It was great having you speak at our NAIFA-Southern Nevada luncheon this past month. What made it more exciting for me was to introduce you. How many people can stand up and say, "Dick Geno came into my life 40 years ago as my agent. I was his 34th client while I was a senior in college. It took him 18 years to recruit me into the insurance business as one of his agents and now, 21 years later, here we are.

" Dick has touched me, like many others in our industry. He definitely made a big difference in my life. His influence and guidance helped me succeed.
beyond my dreams.

" He was my agent, then I became his agent and most of all, he has always been my friend."

— Richard (Dick) Jacobs
NAIFA - Southern Nevada

"Your Balanced Life Experience combines logic, motivation and the proven concepts to have everything you want in life.

Thanks for the 'keys', handbook and challenge. Your presentation at our 'A Taste of MDRT' program gave us the 'real tools' that we all need to elevate our business and personal lives. We are grateful for your time and dedication to helping others grow."

— Jeffrey B. Clark, CLU, LUTCF
"A Taste of MDRT" Texas Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors.

"I very much enjoyed listening to Richard Geno, and I have incorporated his verbal ideas as well as his written ones. I appreciate a "real life" perspective on things."

Keith Hennessey
NAIFA Des Moines, IA

"On behalf of the entire State of Iowa Insurance and Financial Advisors, I want to thank you and the Million Dollar Round Table for taking your time to come to Des Moines to speak to our association. I've heard a lot of good comments about your talk."

— Pat Knueven
MDRT member
NAIFA - Iowa

"It was such a pleasure to have you join us at are March 17th luncheon. Your message was an inspiration to all of us, and the positive feedback has been phenomenal. We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated NAIFA and MDRT member."

— Carol Willoughby
Association Executive
Southern Nevada Association

"I found your talk both interesting and inspiring. I find myself really taking stock in my life. We all need a push once in a while, and you provided that. Thanks."

Sue Salinas
Executive Director
NAIFA - Marin

"Your presentation to the Silicon Valley Association Insurance & Financial Advisors at our annual Sales Congress on January 18th was excellent. The approximate 200 people in attendance benefited from your experience and words of wisdom.

The concept of The Balanced Life Experience is one that needs to be heard by everyone. Your personal and business experiences give tremendous credence to your message.

Your willingness to share private stories to make your point was very impressive. Your audiences and coaching clients are the beneficiaries of tremendous wisdom."

— Todd Taylor
Silicon Valley Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors 2002-2003

"What a pleasure to have you speak at our MDRT event yesterday. It was an honor to have you share your message with our participants. You helped both our new and seasoned agents understand The Balanced Life Experience so they can start the new year off right.

Thank you for sharing your successful ideas with our members and guests."

— Kim Kieschnick
Executive Director
Austin Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors

"Thank you very much for putting on the inspirational and informative meeting at our Sioux Falls Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors."

— Stan Graber, CLU, LUTCF
Sioux Falls Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.

"It was a great pleasure meeting you. Your presentation was inspiring."

— Melissa Provost
Executive Director
NAIFA - Vermont

Other Comments

  • "Powerful, enthusiastic presentation"
  • "Imposing presence - we really got to know you"
  • "Good sprinkling of stories and humor"
  • "Wonderful insights, good use of humor"
  • "Good vocal variety, gestures, and a warm demeanor"
  • "Held audience attention, excellent organization and humor"
  • "Most inspiring"
  • "Nice resonant deep voice. Conveyed a sense of warmth and friendliness."
  • "Natural and sincere"
  • "Very sincere speaker - excellent voice inflection"
  • "Definitely enthusiastic"
  • "Confidence, conviction came through"
  • "Very inspirational"
  • "Professional, excellent, enjoyed philosophies"
  • "Very good speech. Great subject. A lot of enthusiasm."
  • "Excellent audience participation -spoke with passion"
  • "Your passion comes through"
  • "A wonderful style"
  • "Great organization to presentation - terrific enthusiasm"
  • "Fantastic use of word pictures - very well organized"
  • "Sincerity came through - very natural speaker"
  • "Very persuasive"
  • "Very inspirational and helpful"

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