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The Balanced Life Program

"You are a great coach who has  helped me achieve professional goals that I felt were highly improbable after having already been in this business for eight years.  From mediocrity, you made me into a luminary in my agency. I'll keep striving and you keep running. "

Rex Takahashi
   Million Dollar Round Table
   Concord, CA 

"Dick,you are a person of honor and integrity. Any organization would benefit from your knowledge and expertise."

Richard Kimmel, CLU, ChFC
Managing Director
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

"My alliance with Richard E. Geno has been critical to the success that I've experienced in the insurance business. Dick's energy and attention to every detail has made him the kind of person who can "move mountains". He has definitely been a strong influence on me."

Richard A. Gumbs
Senior Agent
San Jose, CA

"I come away excited and inspired by Richard's insight and optimism. Richard Geno has a unique talent for establishing a style of leadership that truly expects performance and leads to outstanding results. There is no better teacher than experience and Richard's hands-on experience can help you tackle those persistent management problems. Richard is the 'ultimate coach' for that unique person who does not want to settle for less than he or she can be. Richard E. Geno has the ability to reinforce what you do well, and stimulate you to do a better job. He motivates people through a positive leadership style."

Rodney Thornton, CLU, ChFC
Managing Director
Master Agency Builder — Fresno, CA

"Your coaching has greatly affected my professional life as well as my personal life. I also appreciate the fact that you define goals and success with a holistic approach, giving recognition to all of the various facets of a person's being. In addition to providing knowledge, wisdom and substantial organizational skills, you have exemplified patience, encouragement and tenacity, all of which have contributed to my successes in both my business and personal life."

Ruben Garcia, LUTCF

San Jose, CA


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