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The Balanced Life Program

Here's what they're saying about Richard E. Geno, The Socratic Coach:

“Working with Richard Geno as my personal coach has helped me to see my world differently. I am achieving things in weeks that I thought would take years. He coaches me to focus on the present and the future by helping me define what is important to me now and later. Through his thought-provoking style, I explore and create new possibilities that many would think unachievable. Then I confidently attack my objectives with a greater level of success.”

Tori Pitruzzello
Farmers Insurance Group
District Manager
Temecula, CA

"Meeting with Dick regularly has been, for me, very similar to a great client/financial planner or patient/doctor relationship.

"When things need to be changed or improved or when priorities are out of balance, Dick can help. When all "tests come back negative," I have the peace of mind knowing I'm on the right track.

"In addition, I can count on Dick to stretch my "possibility thinking" beyond my comfort zone."

William W. "Nick" Horn
Lincoln Financial Advisors Corporation

"I have always thought of myself as goal-oriented. It wasn't until my association with Richard that I truly came to understand what that meant in all areas of my life. His advice, counsel and tools are vital elements in my business and personal life."

Robert Ferreira
Farmers Insurance Group
District Manager
Citrus Heights, CA

"Dick has touched me, like many others in our industry. He definitely made a big difference in my life. His influence and guidance helped me succeed beyond my dreams. Most of all, he has always been my friend."

Richard (Dick) Jacobs
NAIFA - Southern Nevada
President, 2004-2005

"Richard Geno's one-on-one coaching is a must, in addition to reading his book The Balanced Life Experience: A Roadmap for Having It All. I was coached by Richard and my work dramatically changed. This is a wonderful way to have a personal roadmap designed and have all your successes achieved one at a time."

Ellen Reid
Beverly Hills, CA

"Dick, you have delivered on every promise you ever made, and I respect and appreciate you for it. A lot of people give lip service to things like commitment and follow through, but only a few can really do it. Thanks for being there when I needed you."

Rick Utermoehlen, CLU
Life and Qualifying Member Million Dollar Round Table
San Jose, CA

"You are truly a leader in every respect. I measure many people based on if I were in battle, would I want them on my side, and you are one person that I would want on my side."

Frank I. Kintzle, LUTCF, CLU, ChFC, CFP, CEBS, MSM
Managing Director
Cedar Rapids, IA

"There is no question that your advice and encouragement have assisted me greatly in my growth from Million Dollar Round Table production to the Top of the Table. You taught me time management skills, prioritization and effective delegation. These skills have assisted me tremendously in balancing my business and parenting activities."

Ronald L. Engel, CLU ChFC

Top of the Table Producer
St. Helena, CA

"I have always admired you as a professional and as a good person. You've always demonstrated leadership, and you've built an organization committed to high ethics and professional development. As a man I respect you. You are genuine, positive, nice - you make a person feel good. This world is better because Dick Geno is in it."

Phillip L. Ward, CLU, ChFC, CFP
Managing Director
Mobile, AL

"Your sincere advice and guidance have been significantly important to me in my career and my personal life. When I have come to you with an idea or a need you have been a good listener and given me good council with the freedom to apply my own entrepreneurial desires. You are a valuable resource and confidant to those you coach."

Scott E. Paine, CLU
Life and Qualifying Member Million Dollar Round Table
San Jose, CA

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