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The Balanced Life Experience
A Roadmap for Having it All
by Richard E. Geno


"Thank you for providing a copy of your wonderful book, The Balanced Life Experience. It's a marvelous read filled with common sense and compassion. Your candid and forthright style gives texture to the text and substance to your message.

"Thank you for sharing!"


— John J. Prast, CAE,LLIF
Executive Vice President
Million Dollar Round Table

“I just finished my first reading of the Balanced Life Experience. Congratulations! It is unquestionably the finest, most honest, most ‘golden nugget filled’ book of its kind I have ever read.”

— Ken Gortz
New York Life

"I would like to personally thank you for the wonderful inspiration that your book The Balanced Life Experience has been to myself and my family. It has given me the ability to enjoy more of my journey through life. This year I should qualify for Court of the Table, and possibly Top of the Table. I have also had time to write a class for financial advisors on how to understand income tax returns, and how to use that information to increase sales and better provide service to their clients. Thank you for writing your book."

James E. Mitchell
NAIFA - Washington

"The Balanced Life Experience delivers! This book doesn't make empty promises. Richard Geno gives us the tools to really have the happy, prosperous and balanced life we all desire. I highly recommend this book. It's not just a book; it's a hands-on mini course in having it all!"

Ellen Reid
Beverly Hills, CA

"Having known Richard Geno for thirty years, he has shown us the roadmap to all of his success - the kind of balanced success that we can all aspire to."

— Gary A. Bramon
Alders Financial Solutions

"I very much enjoyed reading your book. It is easy to read, down-to-earth and very enlightening. I was reading another self-help book at the same time as I was reading yours, and I found The Balanced Life Experience very uplifting. This book is timeless."

Aida Deveza
Pasig City, Metro Manila
The Philippines

Many books only promise what this book delivers. In clear, readable, often entertaining language it provides an orderly and supportive approach to having everything you want in life; money, fun, relationships, family, relaxation time, and more.

Part of the power of the book is that Richard E. Geno practices what he preaches. He gives life to the principles and techniques he presents in such a straightforward, down-to-earth way. How? By having lived them himself. He knows how they work, why they work, and how we can make them work most effectively. Many people can read a roadmap and tell you how to get from New York to Los Angeles. Richard E. Geno has traveled the path, discovered fast tracks as well as the speed traps, and he shares his experience of them with us.

Along with the concepts he covers, Richard E. Geno provides exercises - fun exercises - to gain the things you want. They are so simple (not necessarily easy, but definitely simple) that you will find yourself eager to actually try them out. If your results are anything like the author's, fasten your seatbelt, because you will be in the fast lane, on your way to having it all.


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