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Richard E. Geno was a business coach before it was fashionable to be one. He has been coaching people to success since the mid-1970's and coached Little League and Babe Ruth Baseball for two and a half decades.

Richard E. Geno built his personal career and substantial fortune over nearly four decades in the financial services field, reaching the Million Dollar Round Table in his very first year. He is a world traveler with more than a dozen trips to both Asia and Europe. He took a fancy to England's Windsor Castle, and had a replica built in the Bay Area for his family of 8 children.

Even with all his financial wealth and professional success, it was through severe challenges and adversity - a difficult divorce, a disastrous fire in his home, and a devastating medical diagnosis on one of his children - that he discovered some of life's greatest lessons. Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones, he established a more solid personal foundation and dedicated himself to assisting others to achieve growth and balance in their lives without having to go through the pain.

Richard E. Geno has won numerous service and achievement awards. He is a student of history, Chinese culture and current events. He still lives in the Bay Area and especially enjoys the company of his four grandchildren.

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